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Discover Your Purpose and Identity

Discovering your purpose and identity really matters. Why? Because it’s what helps you to live a life filled with meaning, joy and fulfillment. But often we get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and challenges, forgetting to step back and examine our life path. If you’re feeling lost or unclear about your direction, read on! Let’s navigate through the adventure of self-discovery together. This could be the first step toward uncovering the authentic you – the one that’s been waiting under the surface all along.

What Does it Mean to Find Your Identity?

Finding your identity entails understanding who you are at the core. It requires a deep dive into your values, interests and passions that make you unique. Yes, there are external factors that shape our behavior, such as family influences, cultural norms and even societal pressures. However, these do not make up your core self.

As life progresses and circumstances change, your “environmental self” evolves and adapts, reflecting modifications in your physical attributes, mental and emotional state, and the immediate environment around you. But your “natural self” remains relatively unchanged, encapsulating those traits and characteristics that define the essence of who you are.

Your identity can often be influenced by certain levels that build upon each other and evolve over time. This could start with a mix of your inherent nature and acquired experiences, forming a system of values based on these experiences and interactions to create your life philosophy with its core values. Gradually, you begin to shape your identity’s character traits from these values and philosophy, forming your personality influenced by interactions with the outside world.

Discovering Your Purpose

Our purpose, often synonymous with our ‘why’, drives our actions and decisions in life. A strong purpose not only acts as a North Star guiding us through life’s ups and downs, it fuels us with motivation, resilience and a sense of fulfillment.

But how can we discover our purpose, especially when our social commitments and job expectations might seem overwhelming? It certainly won’t happen overnight or miraculously. Instead, it involves a series of introspection and gaining new insights. Here are three simple, yet powerful steps you could embark on to uncover your life’s purpose:

Step 1: Hang Around Passionate, Purposeful People

Surrounding yourself with individuals brimming with passion and a clear sense of purpose can unveil an underlying world of self-discovery and self-improvement. Learn from their journey, draw inspiration and inculcate a similar mindset to allow your own sense of purpose to emerge organically.

Step 2: Spend More Time by Yourself

This doesn’t mean completely isolating yourself, but intentionally allocating time for self-reflection is crucial in your journey of self-discovery. Utilize this solitude to ponder your values, navigate your aspirations and confront your fears. Reflecting upon your past experiences, decisions, and achievements can be a significant revelation of your interests, talents, and potential life purpose.

Step 3: Ask Yourself and Answer the Tough Questions

This step complements the introspection in step two. Questioning and challenging your existing beliefs and values can be surprisingly enlightening. Some questions you could ask yourself could be what are you passionate about, what makes you feel fulfilled or what excites you.

Strengthening Your Identity and Upholding Your Self-Worth

Finding your true identity and strengthening it isn’t just about knowing who you are, but also about practicing to stay true to your authentic self, even if the world seems to be swaying you the other way. Upholding your values and principles and making a conscious effort to not violate them, nourishes your self-esteem and self-worth.

Becoming aware of your distinct traits and accepting them without judgment is a significant stride toward self-acceptance. Embrace the unique mix of strengths and weaknesses that you possess, for together they make YOU.

Engaging yourself in activities that bring you joy and also contribute to the happiness of others can be transformative. This not only creates an aura of positivity around you, but also leads to profound self-confidence and a firmer comprehension of your identity.

Embrace the Journey

Remember, discovering your purpose and identity is not a competitive race, but a rewarding journey. It takes time, introspection and active efforts to steer away from the expectations of others and engage with your inner compass; but the experience itself is enriching and empowering.

As you progress on this self-discovery journey, you’ll inevitably shed layers of false identities, imposed beliefs and stifling expectations. What remains is your authentic self which can never be lost or jeopardized, because it is the core essence of your being. Discover it, embrace it and let it guide you, because your authentic self is your greatest asset.

Awakening your authentic self might seem like a daunting task initially. You might even be afraid of what you’ll find or perceive it as a courageous leap into the unknown. But let me commend you on taking the initiative to do so. This voyage to the heart of ‘you’ is easily one of the most important quests you will embark on in your lifetime. And as an old saying goes — the more you seek, the more you’ll find. Happy exploring!

Max Johnson

Max Johnson is currently a Vice President at a Fortunate 100 company. He has also held multiple leadership positions at two startups previously. When he is not busy working, you can find him surfing at the beach or skiing in the mountains.

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